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6th Annual GSS Symposium a HUGE Success!

I can’t begin to tell you the level of anticipation for me waiting for the start of this event each year. I am so excited to get to Saddlebrook and when everyone starts arriving the atmosphere changes and you not only feel the anticipation, you can see it in everyones eyes. People you’ve talked to [see more]

GSS Symposium Meet & Greet!

This was a really busy day complete with a power outage and fire alarm! These events caused a three (3) hour hiatus in preparation but everyone jumped in and helped get up and running.   The Meet & Greet starts in about 15 minutes so those of you that could not join us this year [see more]

It’s Almost Time!

As I make last minute preparations to leave for Tampa for the 6th IART symposium I sit in great anticipation. The work throughout the year never stops. Phone calls are made and emails sent and the number of communications about the IART symposium steadily grows. It has become an incredible undertaking and one that I [see more]

String Bed Stiffness Linearity Update

I have added a couple of Ashaway Zyex strings to the “linearity” chart so take a look in the “Review” section and look for “String Characteristics”. If you don’t have time for that right now just click HERE!    0

Nice Article about Andy Roddick

For all you Roddick fans here’s a nice read 0