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USTA/Richmond MiniSymposium

As you know Tim and I did a MiniSymposium in Richmond, Va. on Sunday and Monday for a great group of committed racquet technicians.  I thank them for their level of participation. Just to participate in this symposium required a decision to attend in spite of the impending storm, Sandy. One attendee from Boston had [see more]

Prince Extends Partnership with David Ferrer

            PRINCE EXTENDS MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR PARTNERSHIP WITH WORLD’S #5 RANKED PLAYER DAVID FERRER Leading Global Tennis Equipment Brand Continues Commitment to Top Athletes in Tennis BORDENTOWN, New Jersey, October 23, 2012 – Prince Global Sports, a leading tennis equipment and footwear company, announced today it has renewed a partnership with the second-highest [see more]

Customizing with Replacement Grips

Customizing grip size can be done in several different ways. Pallets can be remolded, heat shrink sleeves can be added, or, if you’re energetic and have a steady hand, you can get out your trusty old sanding block and on some pallets you can sand away until you reach the desired size. I like to [see more]

Ashaway Announces new Alliance program

IART is pleased to announce a new relationship with Ashaway Racquet Strings. Steve Crandall, vice president of the company, is our newest addition to the Alliance consultants group and he was also a first time contributor at the 2012 IART symposium. Steve and Ashaway have recently implemented a discount program for U.S. based IART members [see more]

A Clear Message

Greetings fellow racquet technicians. I was brain storming recently and realized that my business needed it’s own customer service team. Some times I just think you have to be very clear about how you operate and state your policies so people really understand where you’re coming from. In keeping with that idea, I recently hired [see more]

Prince Announces New Sponsorship

PRINCE NAMED THE OFFICIAL RACKET OF THE POWERSHARES SERIES TOUR MULTI-YEAR DEAL BEGINS WITH THIS WEEKS TOUR LAUNCH BORDENTOWN, New Jersey, October 10, 2012 – Prince Global Sports, a leading tennis equipment and footwear company, announced today it has signed a multi-year deal to become the official racket of the PowerShares Series. Formerly known as the [see more]

Shanked String

All of us have experienced a racquet that has a string broken due to a mis-hit, or shank.  This is difficult to explain to the customer if they ask the “why did the string break so quickly” question! I have added a couple of pictures of a “mis-hit” failure.  In these images it is easy [see more]

Luxilon 4G…some information

G, I am getting organized after the best IART Symposium yet! The “G” is the latest version of Luxilon string so I would like to submit a little data that I have generated in the last eight (8) days.  This information is from the 130 gauge.  The reason it takes a while to get this [see more]