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Wilson Blade 104 Review

The Blade 104 is, IMHO, the perfect all around racquet that can meet the needs of many tennis players. The racquet of choice for both Serena & Venus Williams, the 104 is sure to bring a smile to your face. There’s enough weight (10.7 oz/304 grams) to power through shots and at 4 pt HL [see more]

Wilson Blade 98 18×20 Review

Wilson offers four Blade models in the 2013 line including the 93, 98, and the 104. The Blade 98 comes in two models, the 16×19 and the 18×20, both of which fall into the Wilson category of Control+Spin. This particular Blade 98 is the one with the 18×20 stringing pattern. In this model you pick [see more]

Wilson Blade 98 16×19 Review

Wilson offers four Blade models in the 2013 line including the 93, 98, and the 104. With the Blade 98, you have two models to choose from; the 16×19 and the 18×20. The one in question here is the 16×19, which falls into the Wilson category of Control+Spin. This model weighs in at 11.2 ounces/318 grams [see more]

Wilson Blade 93 Review

At first glance there’s one thing that immediately comes to mind. This racquet is DARK.  Wilson has done a nice job with this one by keeping the bells and whistles to an absolute minimum when it comes to cosmetics. Black–that’s it and in my honest opinion, it’s quite nice. I really like the looks of [see more]

Wilson Steam 99 Review

The counterpart to the 99S, the Steam 99 is as close to the 99S as you would like it to be with the one major difference being the 16 x 18 pattern as opposed to the 16 x 15 in the 99S. Our review showed the two frames nearly identical in all major areas such [see more]

Getting the Most from Machine Reviews

The new “Machine Review” format is now available.  If a review is not posted on the home page you can get to it  by clicking on the “Reviews” tab, then clicking on “Machine Reviews” tab, then scrolling to the review you want.  The database search function is being completed and will be active as soon [see more]

Wilson Baiardo…Review

This is a re-post of a previous review.  I know many of you use this machine and/or have had the opportunity to use one at the IART Symposium.  Your comments are welcome. Click on the machine to see the review. Click here to see the review. 0

Wilson Steam 96 Review

What’s that old saying? When something is working “milk it for all it’s worth” Wilson has stepped up production on the Steam in 2013, jumping from one model, the Steam 100 in 2012, to five models in the 2013 line. Included in the line are two new “Spin Effect” Steams, the 99S and the 105S [see more]