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IART Ready for 2013

The IART is excited and looking forward to the coming New Year. So what’s on our radar? New corporate sponsorships secured in 2012 from Ashaway and Alpha Racquet Sports will offer members product discounts. We will also be working on other member discounts with even more companies in 2013 We’ve officially announced our new name change [see more]


Sorry guys to take to much time to write for you here how was our experience here at the GILLETTE FEDERER TOUR BRAZIL – 2012. First of all I would like to say that without Tim Strawn, Ron Rocchi, Richard Parnell, John Gugel, Dave Bone and all of you that helped me a lot in [see more]

Stomach bug knocks Nadal from Australian Open

BARCELONA, Spain (AP) Just when Rafael Nadal had recovered from a knee injury, a stomach virus has delayed his return to tennis by a couple of months. Nadal announced Friday he will miss next month’s Australian Open and probably won’t play again until the end of February. The Spaniard said he needs time to recover from the [see more]

Weed EXT 135 Blue Live Periphery Review

As many of you know Weed racquets have been around since the early 1970’s!  The Weed racquet was, probably, the first real “oversize” racquet but we all know that the recognition goes to the Prince racquet because of commercial exposure. Weed racquets have always been considered “racquets for old people” but that is not necessarily [see more]

John Gugel-Stringer of the Year 2012

Congratulations to my long time friend and colleague John Gugel. John has been awarded the “Stringer of the Year” award by RSI Magazine. You can visit the following link to read the article. John’s article appears on page 30   0

Quiz Information

The quiz’s that have been posted have been a lot of fun and a source of information. The quiz I posted two (2) weeks ago had a question about “Dynamic Stiffness” and the quiz that just ended had a question about “Dynamic Tension”. This was sort of a “trick” question.  On each quiz the answers [see more]

New Weed Racquets!

Thanks to Dennis O”Reilly of Weed Racquets I have six (6) new Weed racquets to review. I have started the stringing process and completed three (3) so far and I am having a good time doing it!  The LP, “Live Periphery” format Weed suggests takes a little concentration on the first one but after that [see more]

HEAD – the most successful racquet on the tennis tour in 2012

Kennelbach, Austria – December 19th, 2012 HEAD Racquet Rebels Novak Djokovic, Maria Sharapova and Andy Murray have helped advance HEAD racquets to the top of an unofficial ranking for success during the just-concluded 2012 season, as published by British Website The Tennis Space. The Australian Open title of world No. 1 Djokovic, the breakthrough win [see more]