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Conventional Versus Non-Conventional Stringing Methods

We all know there are several ways to string a racquet but to my knowledge, none of them have proven to be the holy grail of our craft. One technicians will swear by his method over another but I hold to the belief that what really counts is what the player thinks. If he/she thinks [see more]

Ashaway’s Steve Crandall Sees Bright Future for Newer Zyex-Based Tennis Strings

Ashaway, RI – In a recent column, Why Zyex® Now, Ashaway string guru Steve Crandall said he understands why professional tennis players have embraced today’s high-tech polyester strings, but claims the future belongs to newer, softer playing material formulations like Zyex monofilament. Noting that polyester strings have been called “gut on steroids,” he said Zyex strings are [see more]

Secret Agent Novak Djokovic

Secret agent Novak Djokovic arrives at a secret test site and unveils his new weapon of choice. Watch the video HERE 0

Li Na makes Babolat Proud

Babolat is proud of Li Na’s inspiring performance during the Australian Open Final on Saturday!  0

Weed Open 135 Tour Review

Since I have been evaluating and reviewing the Weed racquets I have begun to see more of them on local courts!  And, after looking at the entire line I can say for good reason! The Open 135 Tour has a massively “open” string pattern with nearly uniform spacing across the entire string bed so it [see more]

Weed Open 135 Tour Table


Weed EXT 135 Tour Review

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Weed EXT 135 Tour Review