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Tension-Analyzer… a Review

  Recently I received a new tension analysis device from France!  Yes, France includes John Elliot and Eric Ferrazzi, the people behind this new device. The unit I received is the latest production model that incorporates the new alignment feature.  The device was nicely packaged for the trip from France and includes a plastic “sleeve” [see more]

Babolat Announces New Sponsorship Agreement

We are very happy to announce you that Babolat is becoming official licensee of tennis rackets, bags and accessories as of January 1st, 2014. Babolat, already offers the official shoe for The Championships. By adding a new dimension to our partnership, we are completing our joint offering with Wimbledon, focusing on innovation, audacity and elegance with a British twist. [see more]

Group Led By David Palmer Buys Black Knight USA

Ashaway, RI – A group led by World Champion and squash legend David Palmer has acquired BlackKnight USA, the US arm of top squash, racquetball, and badminton racquet maker, Black Knight. The management group will handle all marketing and distribution for the US from its new headquarters in Orlando, Florida. The team includes Palmer, recognized [see more]

Translate this site

How many of you are aware that you can translate the IART web site into over 50 languages? After all, this is an International organization and we’ve made every effort to make it as easy as possible for members to communicate. If you look to the right side bar just below the icon for registering [see more]

What Would You Do?

Not long ago I did a “rush” job for a nice young player that I had not worked with before, therefore no history at all.  The parents said he was getting about a week per stringing.  Friday the racquet, with parents, returned with a broken string and they were elated that it had lasted a [see more]