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Ytex Strings

Thanks to the good folks at Ytex Strings I have added two (2) new Ytex strings. The Triple Twisted Silver is, you guessd it, a twisted string but only a triple twist as opposed to four or more that is typical. The ProTour is, or appears to be, a co-polyester string in an optic yellow [see more]

Do you recycle?

I have always had an appreciation for the environment, and therefore, I recycle whenever I can. We’re fortunate here in my area as our fair city has a recycling program with weekly neighborhood pick-ups and city provided recycle cans. So, here’s a tip for those so inclined to recycle. Did you know that Gosen & [see more]

Answering the Bell

A familiar quote for all who participate and/or follow sports. Individual sports are so much different than team sports. It’s “mano e mano” with two competitors going head to head, and one standing taller than the other in the end. Stan Wawrinka’s improbable win over Rafa Nadal in the 2014 Australian Open reminds us all [see more]

Wilson Stringing – Australian Open 2014

The final ball has been struck, and the Australian Open 2014 is over. I left Melbourne before the final day, and have struggled to get my days and nights back on schedule. This happens every year and I never seem to get used to it! This will be my final post regarding the tournament and [see more]

Ashaway MonoGut™ Revisited

I have been working with MonoGut™ for over a year so I think it is time to take a look at what I have discovered. First, MonoGut™ is not suitable for every player! I have tournament players that simply don’t break it. On the other hand a 16 year old junior continues to break MonoGut™ [see more]

Wilson Stringing – Australian Open 2nd Week

What a huge difference a few days can make, stringing gets a ton easier when the tournament gets to round of 16 and Quarterfinals. Our daily totals have dropped off nicely, but our tournament total is way up from last year. Friday 269 Saturday 225 Sunday 157 Monday 137 We have already strung more than [see more]

Wilson Stringing – Australian Open

The massive heat has finally broken, and life seems back to normal in Melbourne. Since the 3rd round is now in full swing, we have reduced the stringing staff by 3; Shane, Dustin and Dickie have left… Daily workload is much more manageable now, under 300 per day for the last 3 days. This means [see more]

Wilson Stringing – Australian Open 2014

2014 is the 100th anniversary of Wilson Sporting Goods, and there are many things planned to commemorate this historic event. Here at the Australian Open, the Wilson booth has been completely outfitted to showcase our heritage and history. In the display cases are samples of the greatest racquets Wilson has ever made, from the Jack [see more]