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Premature string breaks…..Who is to blame?

There are many reasons as to why strings break. First, ask yourself this question. Is the racquet technician I use reputable and knowledgeable? Not all technicians are created equal. This can make a huge difference if you want a consistent and professional string job. If you’re confident your technician fits this profile then a brief [see more]

RIO Open 2014

About 3 years ago I was contacted by Ricardo Dipold in Brazil. He was interested in attending the IART symposium and he had a goal of stringing at pro tour events. Andrea Amaral, another Brazilian, had already become a fixture at the IART symposium and she and Ricardo had been communicating about how they would [see more]

Ashaway Introduces Crossfire® ZX, A Zyex® Monofilament Based Hybrid Tennis String

Ashaway, RI – Ashaway Racket Strings has introduced the latest addition to its Crossfire® line of tennis hybrids, Crossfire ZX. Combining Ashaway’s 17 gauge (1.25 mm) braided Aramid/PTFE Kevlar® +Plus main strings with their 1.22 mm MonoGut® ZX Pro cross strings, Crossfire ZX is designed for players looking for a hybrid combination of soft power [see more]

Tournament Stringers

In it’s infant stages one of my visions for IART was to promote members who had a desire to do tournament stringing, no matter what level. So, I created the tournament stringers directory. For members who are not familiar with how this works, I’d like to offer a brief explanation. Only members may list their [see more]

Your stringer is not at fault here

One of the most common problems racquet technicians run into is the misunderstanding people have as to why string breaks. Some players expect string to last forever and expect their stringer to install the “holy grail” of strings that gives them maximum control and power while lasting for 5 years. This is simply never going [see more]

Ashaway Introduces PowerKill® Pro Racquetball String with Power Filament Technology™ for Power Players

Ashaway Racket Strings has a new string for professional level racquetball players plagued by chronic string breakage. New PowerKill® Pro is a tough, 16 gauge (1.30 mm) string designed with Power Filament Technology™ (PFT™), a proprietary new wear layer, or “jacket,” which uses Zyex® fibers to enhance durability and power, and help maintain string tension. [see more]

Tip – Buying a racquet

Buying a racquet these days can be a difficult process to say the least. It’s always been my opinion that the very best way to buy a racquet is to narrow down the choices by working with a knowledgeable person who can analyze your game, and then to demo as many racquets as possible that [see more]