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RDC Problem

Dear IART members, first of all I would like to send you many and happy wishes for Christmas and the upcoming new year as well. As the title says, I have a problem with my RDC and particularly with the swing weight unit. I wouldn’t like to refer to the exact problem, as i sent [see more]

Wilson BLX Six One 95

The Wilson racquets I had for review had to be returned so the review is based on my recollection of the “visual” aspects of each racquet.  However, the data you will see is “hard” and not based on my recollection. Typical of all Wilson racquets the graphics are outstanding and the overall quality of the [see more]

Wilson BLX ProStaff 100LS

By now everyone knows what the “S” means when associated with Wilson racquets.  “S” means spin!  The entire series is called the SET series, that is Spin Effect Technology.  The SET series is the one with a reduced number of cross strings to allow the main strings to move more easily. Typically the “L” would [see more]

Wilson BLX Juice 108 16×19

Juice.  What is it?  If it is the Wilson BLX Juice 108 it is power!  In fact this racquet has a calculated Power Rating of 2419.3!  Compare that to the Wilson BLX ProStaff 100LS at 1888.5!  You can expect a little “bump” with the 108 square inch hitting area but the major contributor is the [see more]

Wilson Five BLX 16×20

The Wilson Five BLX is the continuation of the “Triad” series.  The Triad uses a construction consisting of a head portion and a shaft portion separated by an elastomeric material which damps vibration very effectively. The shear properties of the elastomeric material is such that stiffness, as recorded on the RDC, is extraordinarily low!  Before [see more]