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“Tier One” Strings

I received a full range of strings from Tier One Strings based in San Diego and was anxious to have a look. The packaging is typical of some top brand strings with the perforated side bar that makes it easy to get into.  I find that with this packaging I prefer to slice it open [see more]

“Still in Black” String

Recently I received, from a member, several sets of Still in Black string to review.  To be honest I had not seen this brand for quite a while but was anxious to have a look. The first thing that caught my eye was the packaging.  Black!  But not only black but of a “clamshell” design, [see more]

Embracing the Importance of Stringing

Recently I had the pleasure of working with Priscilla Mendes.  There is nothing really unusual about having aspiring stringers at the shop but Priscilla is from Brazil!  Not exactly nearby!  Priscilla, a recent IART member, is an avid, and committed, tennis player that wanted to discover more about the stringing process. Priscilla’s goal is to [see more]

Modern Day Apprentice

In 2014 we had a young participant at the IART annual training symposium from North Carolina by the name of Christian Kofod. Christian was a young tennis player who had developed a desire to learn about racquet stringing. Researching with his mother Meghan, they decided that the IART symposium was where he wanted to start [see more]

International Distributors Wanted!

Attention IART Members! YTEX is searching for international distributors for our extremely popular string line. We have the latest string brand on the market (introduced in 2012 at the Sony Ericsson Open Miami, FL) which is fast gaining popularity here in the US. We are at the Miami Open (Tennis Plaza tent) for the next two weeks [see more]

Dunlop iDapt Racquets (Consumer Edition)

By now you have probably seen, or even hit with, the new concept by Dunlop they have named “iDapt” and for good reason. If you have not learned much about this series I will try to make it clear as to what the iDapt does.   First is does not come in one (1) piece!  [see more]

What Difference does it Make?

I am often asked “how much does tension setting affect string bed stiffness?”  It is pretty obvious that higher tension settings will, normally, return a stiffer string bed.  But how much and is there a point of diminishing returns (control v power)? To establish a basis for discussion I strung seven (7) racquets at different [see more]

YTEX Strings

IART members! If you don’t string with the No. 1 rated string by the RSI, allow us to introduce you to YTEX. As the newest company in the string market, YTEX offers exceptional quality in every product. The proof of concept is simple: as of February of 2012 we have the second-best rated string ever [see more]