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Monogut ZX Part Deux!

In a previous post I, more or less, congratulated manufacturers for continuing research on strings.  It would be so easy to “repackage and rename” current products. Ashaway is doing another version of Monogut ZX string that I have been working with.  This string has very unique characteristics that may change the way we think of [see more]

Head Velocity MLT

Head has introduced a new string, and, by doing so has joined a group of brands that are still investing in string R&D!  Contrary to some thinking polyester string is not the best string for every player so congratulations to the brands that are contributing. Anyway, the Velocity MLT is a polyamide (nylon) string of [see more]

Thank You Beer’s Technic!

A few weeks ago the World Headquarters of Racquet Quest, LLC was vandalized and, among other things, my Beer’s Master Tensometer was stolen!  I have no idea what a thief would do with it but is is gone nonetheless! I used my Master Tensometer, otherwise know as the ERT1000, for many,many years and found that [see more]