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Truth & Deception

I recently read where one particular manufacturers string was being touted as the second most comfortable string ever tested by a leading organization. It doesn’t matter who the company is or what string they’re referring to. In fact, I have great respect for this company and the blame certainly doesn’t lie with them. What I [see more]

Keeping build-up sleeves from slipping

One of the easiest ways to build up a grip is to use a build up sleeve and most technicians I know have used this process at one time or another. However, have you ever had a client come back to you after playing with the racquet and complain about the grip twisting and sliding [see more]

Grip tape-make it stick

Over the years there have been some pretty unreliable tips on making grip tape stick that were actually more amusing than helpful. Everything from actually stapling the grip tape (yeah that’s right I actually read that in a prominent publication) to using clear nail polish to finish it off. Why does everyone seem to have [see more]

Lower tensions revolutionize our thinking process

Many who have been stringing for over 25 years can easily remember when the most common request was Prince synthetic gut at 60 lbs. For that matter, anything at 60 lbs was pretty much standard for the day. We can also look at manufacturers recommended tension ranges for many racquets during the same time period [see more]

String Characteristics Data Base

Are you taking full advantage of your IART membership? Let’s do a little quiz to find out. If someone tells you that one particular polyester string is softer than another how do you really know if it’s true? Polyester strings have been around for quite some time but here in the states, we were fashionably [see more]

New Alliance Weekly Update

Greetings everyone I’ve just added a new feature to the IART website that will send out an automatic weekly newsletter to all members every Monday at 10 a.m. This will alert you to new posts on the website on a weekly basis to keep you informed about what’s going on at IART. I’m sure the [see more]

The Untold Story of Ashaway’s “Cult Favorite” Crossfire® Hybrid Tennis Strings

Ashaway, RI – For over twenty-five years now, Ashaway’s Crossfire® hybrid tennis strings have been used by many of the world’s top competitive players. Ashaway’s signature aramid main string, in combination with natural gut, was the first hybrid ever used on the pro tour and even helped win a number of Grand Slams. But because [see more]

New Strings Added to String Characteristics Data

The String Characteristics Data is a great resource and I am afraid not many of you are taking advantage of it.  This data is a great way to select a proper string for a customer if a change is required or desired.  The Power Potential is a sub-set of elongation so the higher the Power [see more]