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A project of fact checking

There is a ton of information floating around on the Internet, in particular, social media and I can’t help but wonder just how many people check the sources of such information before they share it. It’s very easy to pick a story to fit the narrative of your choosing and sadly, that’s appears to be [see more]

Let’s Hear Your Story

I believe we can all learn from the experiences of other players.  As a consumer/player you can contribute to this learning process by sharing your favorite stories.  I will start with this from a client in New York state: “Just got back from two hours of singles and doubles, and for the second straight week [see more]

Engaging the Community

As we contemplate the coming New Year and begin to make our list of resolutions (we never keep those do we?) I think about the IART community and the many possibilities. First and foremost, how do we get the community engaged? IART members have the capability to make posts on the site and use the [see more]

This is Not Natural!

A new client came in the other day and wanted the racquet re-strung.  The racquet  needed it due to wear not that he was unhappy. We had a really nice conversation about all the things we need to know when dealing with a new client but when we got the string selection he informed me [see more]

More String Data for the New Year!

I have added five (5) strings to the String Characteristic Data table you may want to take a look at. Gamma Moto Soft 16 Gamma TNT2 Touch 16 Gamma iO Soft 16 Gamma Solace 16 Volkl V-Star 17 Color is not a value on the data but if you are into color the Volkl V-Star [see more]

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

  IART members….I’m sending you wishes for a wonderful holiday season and the very best to you all in the coming New Year! 0

What About Grommet String Guides?

Many racquet models have what I call “guides” that are intended to keep the string in the correct location.  These are normally tiny little “ridges” on the grommet set.  A good idea, right? What if you are not the first racquet technician to string this racquet and it was not done correctly, for what ever [see more]

Linearity Graph

String Bed Stiffness Linearity is a visual representation of how stiff a string bed becomes at various loads.  This graph is real data but the sting name has been redacted.  It is interesting to see that the initial stiffness is 17.2 pounds.  It is quite likely that a multi-filament string will have a higher beginning [see more]