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Wilson Ultra XP 110S

If you read the preamble to all the Ultra XP reviews you will know much about this racquet.  All of the good points apply to this one as well, plus you get more head size than the others! As the head size (110) would suggest this racquet is targeted toward the “game Improvement” category (whatever [see more]

Wilson Ultra XP Series

There will be a detailed review of each of the Ultra XP series in a minute, but first I want to talk about the design in general. My first reaction was “WOW these are cool looking racquets”. My second reaction was “I have seen this somewhere before”! My third reaction was “Yes, the nCode Series”! [see more]

Let There be Light!

Stringing black string in a racquet with black grommets can sometimes be a little problem, depending on the age of your eyes! My eyes are pretty good but sometimes they need a little help.  So, several months ago I installed these inexpensive battery powered “stick-on” lights on the Baiardo.   In case your lights go [see more]

Donnay SuperLite 114

The SuperLite 114 is certainly one of the lightest, if not THE lightest frame on the market today. A few years back we saw Prince introduce a super lite frame with a marketing catch phrase of “Lighter than a can of tennis balls” and those of us who have been around for a while know [see more]

Wilson Ultra 100

After handling the Ultra XP Series, the Ultra Series is, well, ordinary! But, not without some technology of their own! A closer look at the hoop geometry shows a little of the nCode (the opposite of Ultra XP) concept but not as aggressive. As the graphics indicate, this racquet incorporates the “Cushion foam” technology. CushionFoam [see more]

Worst Grip Size Reduction, Ever!

I know none of you would do this, but someone did and probably charged real money for it! Naturally, the client wants it fixed, but how, without spending another $100.00 or so. The first problem is that the butt cap was not removed before the reduction began.  You can see the pallet is no longer flat [see more]

Help Wanted!

The IART is considering some significant and exciting updates to the IART website, so, we need your help and input to maximize the benefit to you, the current IART members. To make these updates and to continue to offer this great resource requires time and money so here is where you come in! IART has [see more]

What Do You Expect?

I see a lot of tennis racquets that come from any number of shops, on-line outlets, home stringers and others, and I need to know what you, the customer, expect from the person you use for stringing and buying your racquets. I see racquets that are not properly, professionally strung, and I wonder “what are [see more]