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Rising Squash Star Mathieu Castagnet Switches To Ashaway SuperNick® ZX String

— Beats Omar Mosaad To Win 2016 Canary Wharf Classic, Moves Up To World No. 7   Ashaway, RI – Rising squash star Mathieu Castagnet has been finding things going very much his way of late. Steadily rising through the World Rankings as he reaches his prime, the 29-year-old Frenchman recently won his debut performance at [see more]

Ereca Visits Florida!

Eric Ferrazzi of Ereca France has been in Florida for several days but not just for the sunshine! Eric is spending a lot of time working on diagnostic equipment designs. I have dozens of racquets that can be tested, re-tested, cut, and everything in between so a good sampling of data can be taken on [see more]

Wilson Ultra PWS (retro)

It is not often one of these shows up for work,especially in this super condition! I am not going into a lot of detail but it is interesting to see the specs for this racquet and be able to compare them to the current version.   0

Wilson Ultra 108

Unlike the Wilson Ultra 103S this racquet uses the standard ProStaff cross section that will appeal to those looking for a new performance racquet with out the “new” configuration or graphics. Not only is this racquet a contraian in terms of graphics it holds on to the well known 16 x 19 string pattern.  The [see more]

Wilson Ultra 103S

This racquet, the Wilson Ultra 103S, offers the “traditionalist” the classic ProStaff cross section geometry but incorporates the “S” (Explosive Spin!) spin friendly open string pattern.  Sort of like a Chevy Nova with 6.2 litre ZO6 power plant!  You have to look really closley to see why you are loosing to it! A close look [see more]

Donnay Formula Lite

With the Donnay Formula Lite the first comparison to draw is that of a lighter Babolat Pure Drive with of course, one noticeable difference, the Tricore™ technology in the Donnay. One of the four Xenecore™ technologies found in the Donnay line, Tricore™ gives this frame the solid feel that all Xenecore™ frames possess, that “feel” [see more]

Donnay X-Dual Gold

The Donnay X-Dual Gold, like it’s closely related brother the X-Dual Silver, is one of just a handful in the line that offers some very unique features and options. The first thing that catches your eye is the streamlined thin profile of both frames at 15/18/17mm. Rarely if ever anymore, do we see frames with [see more]

Symposium 2016; Racquet Customization

Check out the news article HERE for the latest on one of our courses at this year’s symposium and while you’re there, sign up for a free account so you can join the conversation The registration is now open for this year’s symposium. You can find all the details HERE 0