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54 – 8 – 42 – 42

As I look at the countdown clock on the IART symposium website at I’m reminded of just how close the event start date is. 54 days, 8 hours, 42 minutes and 42 seconds and the 10th anniversary of the symposium kicks off. Why is this significant and what does it mean for those of [see more]

Saisai Zheng and the case of the curious Rogers Cup stringing machine

How about some thoughts on this from IART members The Chinese player was the victim of a bad string job Tuesday night for her first-round match against Françoise Abanda of Montreal. (Stephanie Myles/ MONTREAL – For 22-year-old Saisai Zheng of China, Tuesday evening’s marquee match at the Rogers Cup against homegirl Françoise Abanda turned out [see more]

Sponsor Spotlight – Tennis Machines

IART is proud to announce the newest addition to our sponsor list for the 2016 symposium, Tennis Machines. If you’re not familiar with this company you’ll want to give these guys a serious look. Who are they and what do they do? Tennis Machines has recently evolved into a multi-facitated operation by combining forces with String’N Swing tennis [see more]

So you want to be a tournament stringer!

Post #2 in series Ron Rocchi, Wilson Team Leader – shares his tips on being a pro tour stringer on the Wilson team. The Wilson stringing team has refined many aspects of tournament stringing, and there are some practices that can be applied to any type of home or retail stringing. Our constant focus while [see more]

How hard can this be?

#1 in series Before I started working with the Wilson/Luxilon Stringing Team, it seemed a simple thing: Have some stringers show up at the tournament so they can string racquets for the players. How difficult could it really be? Over the last few years, my perspective has changed greatly. The Wilson/Luxilon Stringing Team got its [see more]

Djokovic, Murray, Federer and Nadal Headline US Open Men’s Field

  From the USTA: White Plains, N.Y., July 20, 2016 – The USTA today announced that defending US Open champion and world No. 1 Novak Djokovic, world No. 2 and reigning Wimbledon champion Andy Murray, five-time US Open champion and world No. 3 Roger Federer, and two-time US Open champion and world No. 4 Rafael Nadal headline the men’s singles field [see more]

Can We Have Both?

Almost since the beginning of the “polyester” era, the “promotable advantage” was the strings ability to slide and snapback creating the much coveted “spin.” However, the packaging of a very popular polyester string makes a contrary claim stating that the string “resists movement”! But, more power and spin! So, we can have both according to [see more]

Mis-hit? What mis-hit?

Has this ever happened to you?  The string just breaks!  For no reason, it just breaks! Well, a closer look will tell a different story.  The failure is referred to as a “mis-hit”, or “shank”, and is caused by hitting the ball at the junction of the string bed and racquet frame. If you look [see more]