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Symposium registration deadline near

As I look at the countdown clock on the home page of the IART symposium website I see that there are now just 32 days left until we all meet in Chicago for the 10th anniversary of the event. Without a doubt, our move to Chicago will bring about some significant changes in the event. From [see more]

String Bed Linearity…again.

String Bed Linearity is how the “stiffness” of the entire string bed reacts to increased deflection.  A deflection represents how hard the racquet hits the ball. I collect this data on all racquets both fresh and “rested”  The methodology  involves applying a measured deflection to the string bed and recording the force required to deflect [see more]

Tensile Strength…is it important?

Tensile strength sometimes referred to as UTS is the point at which the string, in this case, breaks during a straight pull.  Tensile strength is not a value a manufacturer will put on the package because it is easily manipulated and can, in some cases, be misleading. For most racquet technicians, tensile strength is not [see more]

How to charge for your stringing

When you make a decision about what strings to carry you probably affix a price to that set based on your cost plus your stringing fee. Let’s say you pay $7.50 for a set of string and you charge $20.00 for installation. Some stringing businesses will make that a $27.50 string job. Now let’s say [see more]

Stringing Cost Calculator Idea

As string material and brands options increase at an alarming rate it may be time to discover how to charge for your stringing service and expertise. Typically it has been two (2) times the cost of the string plus your desired hourly rate.  Sometimes your charges are based on the local competition.  Of course, you know the [see more]

Is it just this season or is Roger Federer done?

Just six days after Roger Federer revealed he would be starting 2017 at Perth’s Hopman Cup, the Swiss great announced that his current season is over, almost four months early. For a veteran who will be blowing out 35 birthday candles on August 8, this is an unwelcome twist. But not the last one, he insists. [see more]

Ashaway Renews Sponsorship Deal with Racquetball Hall of Famer Jacqueline Paraiso

Ashaway Racket Strings recently announced it has renewed its long-standing sponsorship agreement with racquetball great and Hall of Fame player Jacqueline Paraiso.   “Jacqueline is not only a great player and a great ambassador for Ashaway strings, but she is a terrific coach and mentor to younger players, working with junior players as young as [see more]