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Luxilon joins 2016 IART symposium

In today’s fast paced game of tennis where the athletes are stronger and technological advances have pushed the game to another level, what has made the single most significant impact on the sport of tennis over the past 15 years? If you said polyester strings you would be spot on and in particular, Luxilon strings. [see more]

Looking for a Babolat RDC

Members We have a member looking for an RDC so if you have one for sale or know of anyone who does please communicate buy responding to this post 0

Ashaway Renews Sponsorship Agreement with Cliff Swain

Ashaway, RI — Ashaway Racket Strings has renewed its sponsorship agreement with racquetball great, leading coach, and racquet manufacturer Cliff Swain, according to Ashaway Vice President Steve Crandall. The Hall of Famer, who currently coaches Maria Jose Vargas, Jose Rojas, and Coby Iwaasa among others, strings his increasingly popular Cliff Swain brand racquets with Ashaway [see more]

Experiment – New Babolat Pure Aero

One of the things we make an effort to do for the Alliance group is provide interesting and factual information to help racquet technicians in their daily activities. We address the questions that never seem to get answered or, if they do get answered, there’s such a plethora of responses that no one really knows [see more]

Soft polyester strings

Based on John’s reference of soft as a measurement of above 7, I see 17 polyester strings in our strings characteristics data base that meet that criteria. Tennis players, like any other consumer, can be swayed by advertising and at most levels, by what other players tell them. However, if someone tells you that a [see more]

Stringing at the U.S. Open

The following is an article published by Jane McManus, Reporter & Columnist at It chronicles a bit of the life of stringing at the Open. Dustin Tankersley came to the very first IART symposium (then called the GSS symposium) in New Braunfels, Texas with the goal of becoming a tour level stringer. He now works [see more]

Diadem Strings Added

I just added twelve (12) sets of string provided by Diadem Sports.  Thanks to IART member David Hall for getting this included in the String Characteristic Data, and thank you to Diadem Sports for sending the sets! The common characteristic of the Solstice Power and Elite XT series is the “star” shaped cross section.  The [see more]