Luxilon joins 2016 IART symposium

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In today's fast paced game of tennis where the athletes are stronger and technological advances have pushed the game to another level, what has made the single most significant impact on the sport of tennis over the past 15 years? If you said polyester strings you would be spot on and in particular, Luxilon strings. They have been the choice of more touring professionals than any other polyester string on the market.

The most important question to answer however, is why. What is it about Luxilon strings that make them the overwhelming choice of top touring professionals today? There are plenty of other polyester strings on the market but still, Luxilon remains the king of them all so who holds the answer to this question?


Nico Van Malderen


Thierry Beyltiens

At the 2016 IART symposium we will be fortunate enough to have two people who will most certainly be able to provide some insight into the Luxilon phenomenon. Nico Van Malderen, the owner and General Manager of Luxilon and Thierry Beyltiens, Product Innovations Manager. Together, they will conduct a special presentation on behalf of Luxilon as a part of our Sunday line-up of seminars and perhaps finally, many of us who are looking for deeper insight into the innovations of Luxilon strings will be able to engage with the source and learn more about the phenomenon of Luxilon strings.

This is exactly why the annual IART symposium exists. Our philosophy is one that adheres to the principles that the more the racquet technician knows, the better he/she can serve their clientele and the better the clientele is served, the more they will enjoy and excel at the game of tennis. The end result is that a player well served is a player that will stay with the game of tennis for life and what could be better than that?



  1. This looks to be the best Symposium ever, Tim!

    • Yes Matt it’s certainly going to be different and fun on so many levels. I would have to agree with you that if you look at the line-up of speakers, outside activities and the “Wilson” effect that it’s looking very promising this year. Our kick-off party Friday night is going to surprise a lot of people and open some eyes as to what’s in store for them for the next 4 days.

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