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SBS…What is it, and, how it Relates to “Reference Tension”

SBS is “String Bed Stiffness” and is the stiffness of the entire strung area of a tennis racquet.  SBS is not the same as “tension” and this is important to understand.  Why? When you talk to your racquet technician about “tension” it is, normally, about what number to set on the stringing machine.  This number [see more]

Yonex Protech 8 Machine Review

A Review This review is intended to offer some insight into a stringing machine based on actual usage and not on a comparison basis. Although, when making a purchasing decision comparisons can be valuable. Introduction The Yonex Protech 8 is the latest version of a well known stringing machine series. There are several significant upgrades [see more]

Let’s talk about string tension

In the world of racquet stringing there are a multitude of debatable subjects that always stir more interest than others. One such subject is that of string tension. A player may know what he wants in the racquet based on what was done last time, but what happens when that player takes his racquet somewhere [see more]

New consumer weekly newsletter

Good news for our “consumer” subscribers while at the same time, an apology. I’ve been so busy with this year’s IART symposium that I didn’t have the time to take care of business with other things. A consumer weekly newsletter is something that’s been in the pipeline for quite some time and hopefully I’m one [see more]

A Multifilament Polyester String? You Bet!

When you think of polyester string you probably think of monofilament or a single extruded strand, however, Yonex has broken the “code” and is offering a true multifilament polyester string! The string is Multi-Sensa and is available in 125 and 130 gauge. I have been using this string in demo’s for a few weeks and [see more]

New Gosen Strings Added

Three (3) new Gosen strings have been added to the String Characteristic Data Base Gosen Latex Touch shows up twice so I have added it at some point but there is a slight difference between the two so I left it in the data.  You can see this string has massive elongation which should make [see more]

New products from RS Tennis introduced at 2016 IART symposium

One of our special guests at this year’s IART symposium was Robin Soderling who’s new company, RS Tennis, offers tennis balls, strings and overgrips. We all enjoyed some time on court with Robin on Saturday as he fired his patented “power” serve at everyone who was brave enough to take a shot at returning it. [see more]

Ashaway Extends Power Filament Technology to Micro-Gauge Squash String

New SuperNick® ZX Micro incorporates a nylon multifilament core in special ZX wear layer of Zyex® filaments — Designed to provide precise touch, maintain tension, and maximize spin   Ashaway, RI – Ashaway Racket Strings has refined its Power Filament Technology (PFT™) to develop a new micro-gauge squash string. New SuperNick® ZX Micro is an [see more]