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Ashaway Introduces Rally® 21 Fire Badminton String With Beta Polymer Technology

Ashaway, RI – Ashaway Racket Strings has retired two of its very popular nylon badminton strings — Rally® 21 and Rally 21 Micro — and introduced a new alternative, Beta Polymer-based Rally 21 Fire. Constructed using Ashaway’s proprietary Beta Polymer, the new 0.70 mm Rally 21 Fire string provides a 25% improvement in dynamic stiffness [see more]

Taking the low road

No, this has nothing to do with principles and morals and everything to do with string tension, especially if you’re considering polyester strings for the first time. When these strings first gained popularity in the United States we were seeing manufacturers recommending a reduction in tension by 10%. Knowing the strings were void of any [see more]

What Do You Expect?

I see a lot of tennis racquets that come from any number of shops, on-line outlets, home stringers and others and I need to know what you, the customer, expect from the person you use for stringing and/or buy your racquets from. I see racquets that are not properly, professionally strung and I wonder “what [see more]

No, polyester is NOT bad

How often have you heard this statement? “Polyester string is bad for you. It causes all kinds of arm problems”. You hear TV announcers and other uninformed people talking about the “new” string and the incredible “up & down” effect the pros are getting from that string and naturally it peaks your interest. As a consumer  I’m [see more]

Taking a Beating!

If you watched any of the US Open you heard, and saw, several players unable to play to their potential due to injury! These players are taking a beating, but do they have to? One of the advantages of being old is that I have experienced the transition from wood to hi-tech composites. Trust me; [see more]

Soft String…What is it?

In 1994 I did a presentation for the USRSA in Atlanta.  The topic was… “Understanding String”. It is now 2016 and we are still trying to understand string! Especially “soft” polyester based string. In 1994 PolyStar was the only polyester based string I was familiar with. Since then there are dozens of offerings from anyone [see more]

IART store sale

Greetings everyone Just a heads up – starting tomorrow everything in the IART online store will be reduced by 15% for a Fall sale. There is limited stock on some items so if you need some new tools or just need to stock up on some things now is a good time to point your [see more]

World Tour Finals update – ATP

ATP World Tour Finals 2016 Results: Monday Tennis Scores and Updated Schedule By Matt Jones, Featured Columnist  Nov 14, 2016  GLYN KIRK/Getty Images Kei Nishikori produced an imperious performance at the ATP World Tour Finals on Monday, beating an out-of-sorts Stanislas Wawrinka 6-2, 6-3.  The man from Japan brought his best tennis to the O2 Arena in [see more]