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Ashaway SuperNick® ZX Micro Squash String Provides Precise Touch, Maintains Tension, and Maximizes Power

— New 18 Gauge String incorporates a nylon multifilament core in special ZX wear layer of Zyex® filaments   Ashaway, RI – Ashaway has introduced SuperNick® ZX Micro, a new 18-gauge (1.15 mm) squash string with a multifilament nylon core wrapped in a special wear layer of Zyex® filaments. Designed to provide precise touch while [see more]

Business Basics – Part 2 – The 20 Questions

In the first post on this topic HERE for part 1 I pointed out the importance of recognizing your inner self, so to speak. Realizing and accepting that you have an entrepreneurial spirit is a good place to start if you’re serious about starting your own business. Next, I follow up with some serious questions that [see more]

Business Basics – Part 1 – Are you an Entrepreneur?

We’ve just completed the 10th annual IART training symposium and through the years, we’ve offered a variety of seminars on nearly every aspect of owning a racquet sports business. One of the most comprehensive seminars we presented dealt with how to start your business and the necessary steps you need to take to make sure [see more]

Do You Have Customers or Clients?

Do you have customers or clients, and, how do you know, anyway? Maybe it would help if we define, roughly, the difference between a “customer” and a “client”. A “customer” is someone that buys something from you as a “commodity”.  The” customer” may or may not be the final user of the purchase.  A “customer” [see more]

Mauve Sports Strings

I have added three (3) Mauve Sports strings to the String Characteristic Data. Take a look to see if these fit your player market. String Characteristic Data