How is Your Head?

I know it is just a few hours after New Years Eve but that is not the head I am referring to!

I am talking about the head of a tennis racquet.  I received a couple of racquets for some work and I was immediately taken by the great distortion of one of the racquets.

How is Your Head?

How is Your Head?

I think it is easy to see which head shape is the right shape!  The head on the left is .210 inches narrower than the head on the right.  That is a lot!  Way too much, in fact.

The tension on the stringers tag is 52/54.  Why?  The string is some sort of polyester, and the SBS data are;

ERT1000 = 33

RDC = 48

FlexFour = 64

These data are included only so I can compare to future data.  The string is used so this is not intended to correspond the tension setting of 52/54.

A racquet that is distorted to this extent is not performing as it is designed to perform!  A racquet should be the same shape after stringing than before stringing even though it goes through some changes during the installation process.

Take care of your head!

Written by John Gugel

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