The Edge Power Trainer

I was recently contacted by the folks at The Edge Power Trainer and sent a sample of their product. This is a simple device that you attach to a racquet to enhance your strength, speed and stamina by isolating the muscles a player uses while playing tennis.

While their website describes this product as "innovative" I would agree as it pertains to tennis. However, I might point out that this same concept has been used in baseball for many years in the form of what is referred to as a "doughnut", a cylinder shaped device that is placed over the barrel of the bat to effectively increase it's weight. You often see players in the on-deck circle using it just before they take the plate to bat. The Edge Power Trainer is similar, in that it's a weighted device that you attach to the head of a tennis racquet using velcro strips and then you perform a series of drills. The company deserves credit for taking this concept a step further by offering a couple of videos that visually show and explain how the device is to be used. It's recommended that you place it on a backup racquet to avoid having to put it on and off repeatedly on the racquet you normally play with. The only fault I found in the device was the strength of the velcro straps used to attach it. When I pointed this out to the folks at the company they mentioned that maybe I was attaching it improperly and they would consider a short instructional video that might help. I think the video is a good idea but I still think a stronger piece of velcro is in order.

Everyone has their own methods of training and IMHO, if you're serious about your tennis and you're the kind of player that's always looking for new ways to enhance that training, this is certainly something you might want to try. The basic version such as the one I was sent costs $29.99. There are other versions available so if you're interested take a look at their website at for more details.

Written by Tim Strawn

Executive Director, IART


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