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Luxilon Elite Dry 12 pack

If you're one of those players who uses overwraps there's a new one on the market that you should know about. Luxilon's Elite Dry is a revolutionary wrap that's well worth a try. Here's how the company describes this overwrap:

Luxilon Elite Dry 3 pack

"Revolutionary Soft-Touch fabric and Moisture-Tack technology deliver comfortable feel and increased tackiness as you sweat. Ideal for humid conditions or for players looking for enhanced grip". 

I've personally been using this grip for several months in some very hot and humid weather and I can tell you from first hand experience that it lives up to it's billing. The durability is far better than the average overwrap and the moisture absorption is very impressive. You can get this grip in 3 packs, 12 packs & 30 packs. Expect to pay more for this one but I don't think you'll be disappointed.


Not as new as the Luxilon overwrap but a nice little accessory is the Babolat grip ring. Designed to fit around the top of your grip, these little rings come in a variety of colors and some have neat little tag lines embossed into the ring like Vamos, Relax, Love, Play & Focus. Add a little fun to your game with a Babolat grip ring

Babolat grip ring

Written by Tim Strawn

Executive Director, IART

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