Murray’s comeback troubles continue

Courtesy The Guardian

A crestfallen Andy Murray withdrew at the last minute from the Brisbane International on Tuesday, then cast serious doubt on his immediate future when he revealed he is considering surgery to mend his troublesome right hip. His chances of playing in the Australian Open, less than a fortnight away, are negligible. After 12 years on the Tour, his career is very much in the balance.

The 30-year-old Scot – who returned from back surgery in 2016 to win a third grand slam title and a second Olympic gold medal – sounded irretrievably despondent as he contemplated abandoning the drawn-out rehabilitation programme that has failed to resolve the unspecified problem in his hip since he lost to Sam Querrey in five sets in the Wimbledon quarter-finals almost six months ago.

“Having played practice sets here in Brisbane with some top players, unfortunately this hasn’t worked yet to get me to the level I would like, so I have to reassess my options. Obviously continuing rehab is one option and giving my hip more time to recover. Surgery is also an option but the chances of a successful outcome are not as high as I would like, which has made this my secondary option, and my hope has been to avoid that. However, this is something I may have to consider, but let’s hope not.”

Referring to the picture he chose to flag up his explanation, Murray said: “I choose this pic as the little kid inside me just wants to play tennis and compete. I genuinely miss it so much and I would give anything to be back out there. I didn’t realise until these last few months just how much I love this game. Every time I wake up from sleeping or napping, I hope that it’s better, and it’s quite demoralising when you get on the court it’s not at the level you need it to be to compete at this level.

“In the short term I’m going to be staying in Australia for the next couple of days to see if my hip settles down a bit and will decide by the weekend whether to stay out here or fly home to assess what I do next. Sorry for the long post but I wanted to keep everyone in the loop and get this off my chest as it’s really hurting inside. Hope to see you back on court soon.”

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