Overgrip Overload!

A new client came in today wanting to discuss using natural gut, specifically Babolat VS Team.  The racquet is a very light model sporting a 14 x 16 string pattern.  When asked "why the interest in the natural gut?"  Well, I hit with a team members racquet, and it was "spectacular!"

Anyway, for several good reasons, we chose a good multi-filament for this cycle.

However, string is not the subject of this post!

Overgrip Overload!

This is the subject!

Seven (7) overgrips!  This created a grip size that was way too large and there was not a good explanation as to why so many.  The only reason this is important is these seven overgrips added 39.7 grams to the racquet weight!  So the friend's racquet and her racquet were nowhere near alike!

As racquet technician, we try to "filter out" requests that may not be an advantage to the client  In this case hitting with a reasonably weighted racquet to compare the friend's racquet was the best approach.



Written by John Gugel


  1. I see this more often than I’d like to John and often times it’s due to the client being sold a racquet that had the wrong grip size for them to begin with. When asked why they bought it the usual reply is “Hey, the guy had it in stock and gave me a great price”. That may seem like you’re getting a good deal but in reality, it’s no deal at all if you then have to turn around and wrap 33 over grips on it just so you can use it. WOW!!!! The fact of the matter is that whoever sold that racquet was more than happy to unload it from their shelf with a “hard” sell to convince the customer to buy it.

    39.7 grams of weight is a whopping 1.4 ounces and that’s significant. While I subscribe to the idea that weight is always your friend when it comes to a racquet, there are several factors that apply like distribution and proper placement etc.

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