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He’s Baaaack

Andy Murray tests his hip at the Citi Open Andy Murray has had somewhat of a long comeback trail to the ATP after having hip surgery in Melbourne. The former world #1 and two time Wimbledon champion now holds a ranking of 823, a far cry from his high of number 1. However, no one [see more]

Confused about buying a racquet?

Buying a racquet can be a difficult process to say the least so I’m offering the following information can help you through the process. The very best way to buy a racquet is to narrow down the choices by working with a knowledgeable person who can analyze your game, and then demo as many racquets [see more]

Tip – selling your B/G sets via the IART website

As an IART member are you taking advantage of the B/G selling feature? If you’ve already listed your B/G sets I’ve included some details below as to how I promote and sell my B/G sets on FaceBook. If you haven’t already listed your B/G sets for sale it’s easy. Just go to the link title [see more]

Hey Consumers…..did you know?

IART has a section specifically dedicated to the consumer and it’s easy to sign up. All you have to do is go HERE and follow the prompts. For those of you who are already in our consumer group I’d like to pass on some information that perhaps many of you are not aware of. Did [see more]

A Matter of Accuracy & Trust

For those of us in the profession of racquet service, we are often asked about strings, a tension for that string or advice on buying a racquet. This has become an even more complex set of questions in the 21st century with the plethora of information available online because consumers like to surf the Internet [see more]

Ashaway MonoGut Tension Results

Doing an actual play test review on a string can be long and difficult. Plus, it can be very hard to get accurate results because you’re relying on a player to test the tension every time they play and in my experience that happens about 2 out of 10 times. This should give you a [see more]

Racquet Technicians vs Coaches

Coaches, we need your help!  My strokes are beyond help so what I am talking about is communication between you, the coaches, us, the racquet technicians, and the player! Professional racquet technicians try hard to maximize the equipment the player presents us with.  In some cases, we will have input into which racquet the player uses but [see more]

Head Graphene 360 Speed Pro

Head is introducing their new Speed Series, and it is coming with some significant changes! The most obvious and dramatic is the move toward a minimalist “look.”  The graphics consist of black and white!  Gone are the days of multi-colored Speed racquets. As with many Head racquets, the graphics mimic the “SkiTip” angle as seen with [see more]