Give It a Rest!

"Hey, John. Two of the racquets at XXXXXX for you to restring. Let’s eliminate polyester for a little while and give my elbow a rest."

This request is becoming much more frequent but what makes this one a little unusual is that it is already a hybrid format!  A nice multifilament in the main strings and polyester in the cross strings.  However, the player says he "needs to give it a rest"!

You know by now Racquet Quest does not promote polyester based string for most players.  We believe, however, there are only bad applications, not necessarily bad strings, and will suggest the string we agree is a good application!  If this includes polyester, we will go with it!

The statement above is typical of many players that simply need a rest from polyester and many may never go back.  Never going back is difficult for some players because they simply like the massive strokes required to play the ball deep!  As one college payer told me "it hurts but it is worth it!"  We don't believe hurting is necessary to play good tennis, however!

No Underage Polyester

Whatever you do make sure the string suits the application!  That includes the player, the racquet, and injury prevention.

As I was writing this, a client came in, and we were discussing the constant push by coaches to switch players to polyester, probably what they are using!  Coaches, please, most parents do not want their players using polyester!  Fortunately, my clients, typically, do not change based on what the coach says but others may not be so lucky.

Written by John Gugel

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