Head Radical OS Limited Edition

If you have been making tennis racquets as long as Head you certainly have a few Twenty-Five Year Anniversary models just waiting to make a splash!

Well, the latest Limited Edition Radical is the Radical OS Ltd.  This is a re-make of the Andre Agassi racquet and it appears to be true to the original right down to the A.A. on the inside of the shaft and two (2) rubber bands that Andre used as vibration dampers!  And, don't forget the light blue overgrip!

Head Radical OS 25 Year Anniversary Edition

The racquet comes strung with Head Lynx (Anthracite) with a string bed stiffness of 30 kg/cm, so it is pretty "soft" if anyone actually wants to hit with it instead of hanging it on a wall!  This racquet is perfectly cabaple of a really good stringing and long term play!

Racquet ModelHead Radical OS Limited Edition
Reference Tension48
StringHead Lynx
Machine Strung onFactory Installed
Static Data
ASPS, FlexFour40.5
Racquet Flex, RDC61
Racquet Flex, FlexFour40.5
Weight, Gram345
Weight, Ounces12.17
Balance, mm323
Balance, In12.72
Length, Cm68.58
Length, In27.00
Head Width10.06
Head Length13.56
Head Area,Cm691.4
Head Area, Sq. In107.2
Number of Main Strings18
Number of Cross Strings19
Ratio Cross/Mains0.703
Main String Grid7.93
Cross String Grid10.13
Average Cross String Spacing0.5233
Average Main String Spacing0.441
Dynamic Data
Dynamic Tension, Kp, ERT30
Dynamic Tension, Lbs/In167.79
First Moment, Nm0.856
Polar Moment3250
Torsional Stability18 (the difference between polar moment and swing weight) the higher the better.
Swing Weight, Kg/cm2332
Swing Weight, Ounce11.71
Swing Weight Calculated359
Power, RDC56
Control, RDC43
Maneuverability, RDC65
Power, Calculated2191.9
Head Points6.30 (negative number = head heavy
Head Weight %47.1 (% weight distributed toward head)
Center of Percussion20.9 (location from the butt to the point creating minimum rotation on ball impact)
Dwell Time, Ms9.28
Effective Stiffness26.5
K, lb/in150.64 (weight required to deflect string bed 1 inch)
Recoil Weight162.89
Twist Weight2609.19
Written by John Gugel


  1. This is one of my favorite tennis racquets of all-time. I’m not sure if you remember, but a little over 2 years ago you replaced the grommets on mine and strung it up with a horrendous string that I was so sure would be a great choice (should have listened to the Wizard). I have had mine since I was about 15 years old (I’m now 26) and all it has to show its age is some minor paint scuffing around the top of the head. No cracks, no breaks, no serious damage at all. It just needs some touch-up paint.

    I only wish Head would redesign the top grommet piece, as the original simply doesn’t offer much in the way of protection. I’ve never been exposed to an alternative for protecting the head other than something that will add weight and affect the balance of the racquet, although I do have two 3D printers now – and I remember you using some 3D-printed materials to modify the handle section of a racquet, maybe we could find a similar solution for protection which doesn’t affect the balance as much.

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