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Luxilon LXN Smart

Luxilon’s new LXN Smart string is designed to work for hard hitters or those who hit soft. It’s the first string of its kind that is specifically designed by Luxilon to be strung at low tensions and for many of us, that’s good news. Check out the new string HERE See IART review HERE   [see more]

Ashaway Renews Cliff Swain and Ana Gabriela Martinez Sponsorships

Ashaway, RI – Continuing its long player sponsorship tradition, Ashaway Racket Strings today announced the renewal of sponsorship contracts for two of racquetball’s past and present stars, legendary superstar Cliff Swain, and reigning Racquetball Federation World Champion, Ana Gabriela Martinez. Specific terms of the agreements were not disclosed. “Sponsored players are our best ambassadors,” said Steve [see more]

Luxilon Smart 130 Added to String Characteristics Data

There is a lot of buzz around this new string from Luxilon and for good reason, I think. I have added the data I was able to collect but I have no idea at what stage this string is relative to going to market. We have not strung a racquet with this string, yet, but [see more]

Gosen Japan changes U.S. Distributor

I have recently received an email from Gosen informing me that they have changed their U.S. distributor. The new company is South Bay Creations in the Los Angeles area and I am told they are currently setting up their new email and contact information. Once that’s complete and I have that information I will post [see more]