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PEEK-Based, “Zero Poly” Monofilament Tennis Strings Gain Market Share Among Performance Players

— String manufacturer claims “slip, not shock” generates spin, that players can reduce injuries and improve performance using non-polyester alternatives. Ashaway, RI – Likening his ongoing battle against high-impact polyester strings to a “tortoise versus the hare race,” string manufacturer Ashaway’s Steve Crandall says the company’s non-polyester, PEEK-based monofilament strings continue to gain market share [see more]

Head Graphene 360 Radical Pro

Head Graphene 360 Radical Series Don’t let the word “Pro” scare you away from trying this racquet! You can see all the specs below but this 98 square inch head and thin beam (20/23/21) add up to a definitive “players” racquet just slightly heavier than the MP but having the same swing weight. The Graphene [see more]

When Should You Restring Your Racquet – IART Position Statement

For decades the racquet sports industry has been trying to answer the question of when a player should restring their racquet. What follows is the IART position statement on this topic establishing guidelines for the frequency of stringing a racquet. We subscribe to the theory that no two players are alike and therefore, there cannot [see more]

Staple Guns

One of the most frequent questions that come up in our profession is about staplers or staple guns used to secure a new replacement grip. Opinions seem to run the full spectrum. Some prefer manual while others swear by an electric. The purist, however, will stand by their choice of a good pneumatic stapler. Surprisingly, [see more]

Wilson Ultra 100 CV Variable(s)

Tim recently posted a good review of the Wilson Ultra 100 CV and I thought it would be fun, and just maybe informative, to see what an alternative string, tension, and machine would have on the data. This presentation is to visualize what a difference can be made by racquet technicians through understanding what affects the performance of [see more]

Now You Think of it!

So, it has been a while since you had your racquet strung and you are standing on the court about to receive and you ask yourself; “I wonder when I should get my racquet strung”. Now is probably not the best time to think of it but if you do simply take a look at [see more]

Ashaway Announces New Color for SuperNick® ZX Micro Squash String: Bright Orange with a Blue Spiral

— Popular 18 gauge string incorporates a nylon multifilament core in special ZX wear layer of Zyex® filaments Ashaway, RI – Following the successful launch of its SuperNick® ZX Micro squash string several seasons ago, Ashaway has announced it will begin offering the string in a new color: bright orange with a blue spiral. SNZX [see more]