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Ashaway SuperKill® Family of Racquetball Strings — Still Popular After All These Years

— Range of gauge, nylon core designs, power, durability and feel, provide choices for all players Ashaway, RI – Despite the many changes in racquetball over the years, one thing has remained relatively constant. That is the continued popularity of nylon strings like Ashaway’s SuperKill® family. As new string materials like PEEK have been added, [see more]

Member input requested

I’m about to embark on a new project for IART. A series of screencasts designed to help members better navigate and use the features provided here. Please understand that this is going to be a first for me as I’ve never produced a screencast before but hopefully I can get it done. What I’d like to know [see more]

Toalson T8 a Nice Surprise

I recently strung my new Wilson Clash frame with Toalson T8 (1.30mm) and took it out for a test drive today. I wanted to pair a soft frame with an equally soft string to see what the control would be like. It seems to me that we’ve been long overdue for some new softer frames [see more]