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Ashaway Sponsors Four-Time British Champion Alison Waters

Ashaway, RI – Ashaway Racket Strings is pleased to announce that PSA World #11 Alison Waters has signed a sponsorship agreement with Ashaway Squash. No stranger to Ashaway, Alison has used SuperNick® XL string throughout her career and will now be using Ashaway’s PowerKill® 115ZX racket, strung at 28 Lbs. “We’ve obviously watched Alison’s career [see more]

New videos being added

I have finally found some time to post up some new videos. This will be a rather laborious process since I’m researching locations of completed videos (now where did I save those?) as well as producing new ones so just hang in there, I’m working on it. The first two I’ve posted are: In the [see more]

Dahcor Strings Added

Four (4) Dahcor strings have been added to the String Characteristic Data. In case you don’t recognize the Dahcor brand it is a brand that is what I term a “Direct Sales” brand meaning you go to their website to select and order the racquet of your choice, and, it seems to be a pretty [see more]

Update on Wilson Burn repair

I’ve now strung the Wilson Burn frame and there’s an update on the original post HERE   0

Distributors come and go

As a small business I’m always faced with the dilema of procurring new sources for products, namely string. Many years ago when I first became involved in this business there were several companies who were more than happy to have clients like myself but as the landscape has changed, that’s not the case anymore. Large [see more]

Recent changes & updates

Just an FYI if you haven’t noticed yet. The newsletter email that used to go out every week on Monday has been changed. Now you should find it in your inbox once a month on the 15th. If your contact information has changed please let me know and I’ll try to update it for you [see more]

Wilson Burn Repair

I recently received a new Wilson Burn Team frame and as I installed the last outside main string the grommet pulled through the graphite. I’ve seen this on other racquets that have come into my shop but I’ve never had it happen when I was stringing a racquet.  I decided to contact Wilson and see [see more]

Looking for a job as a full or part-time stringer?

From time to time I receive direct inquiries from tournament directors or tennis specialty stores who are looking for stringers. Today I received one from Tennis Express in Houston, Texas so if you live in the area or would want to relocate to take advantage of this opportunity please contact me directly and I’ll put [see more]