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Genesis String Updated

New reviews on Genesis strings

Mayami Tennis Strings Added

Thanks to the people at Mayami Strings for sending sets of their five (5) tennis strings for our review: Mayami Big Spin:  Triangle shaped string with a very long twist. Mayami Hepta Power:  Seven sided shaped string. Mayami Hit Pro:  Round. Mayami Magic Twist:  Seven sided twisted string. Mayami Tour Hex:  Six sided shaped string. [see more]

A great resource!

Eldon Whitlow cities value of IART symposiums

Merry Christmas

  Merry Christmas everyone. May you all experience the very best in the coming New Year!! 0

Wilson Clash 108 v1.0

FreeFlex and StableSmart which maintain the benefits of its flexibility without compromising the solid feel of the racquet.

Babolat Official Racket & Stringing Service for Davis Cup final in Madrid

Many who have attended the IART symposiums will remember Eric Ferrazi and Carin Meunier of ERECA.

Caroline Wozniacki to Retire after 2020 AO

Wozniacki to retire in 2020

Toalson HD Aster Poly 1.25mm

Today we strung a Babolat Pure Strike with Toalson HD Aster Poly 1.25mm and the player requested 56 lbs.