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Stringing Profits Begin with Education

Most of us are always looking for new ways to generate profits and create new business. Our thoughts tend to be directed toward the tennis court. Can we come up with a new and creative idea to increase revenue for our club? This is a very difficult question to answer. There are only so many [see more]

Member Profile – Mark Campanile

Mark is without a doubt, one of those guys that has a passion for what he does. He’s an effective communicator and takes pride in his accomplishments within the racquet sports industry. He approaches his craft with a level of integrity and professionalism that sets a standard for all others to aspire to attain. He [see more]

Understanding Polyester Strings

Not all teaching pros need to know how to string a tennis racquet, but each of us should have a basic foundation of knowledge when it comes to strings and tension. Our students look to us for advice and guidance with regard to stroke production, strategy, fitness and nutrition.  At times making the correct decisions [see more]

Online stringing instructions at your fingertips

As racquet stringers, one of the most important things we need access to is stringing instructions so I’d like to offer a great example of what one company provides. Having been around for over 100 years and introducing scores of racquets during that time, Wilson certainly has a massive library that a stringer can easily [see more]

Wilson’s advice on frequency of re-stringing

The old advice is being updated for the 21st century-here’s advice from Wilson

Wilson Unveils New Ultra v3

Wilson introduces Ultra V3

USTA to decide on US Open by June with no spectators ‘highly unlikely’

A decision on whether to postpone or cancel the US Open because of the coronavirus pandemic is expected by June, the US Tennis Association’s new CEO said Thursday, calling the prospect of holding the grand slam tournament without spectators “highly unlikely”. “Obviously our ambition is to run the tournament. It’s the engine that drives our [see more]

YTEX Promo to help Stringers during Covid19

Ytex special for IART members only!