48hr Stringing Service

Professional Racquet Service

Please use this form to initiate an order to have your tennis racquet professionally strung and/or customized. Every effort will be made to have your racquets serviced and ready to ship back to you within 48 hours. If you have any questions please call 540-632-1148

STRING SELECTIONS are presented as “Main” and “Cross” strings with each having a designated price. If you opt for hybrid stringing your cost will reflect that string set-up. Half of the main string selection and half of the cross string selection will apply.

TECHNICIAN: All racquet service is performed by IART Executive Director Tim Strawn. You can view Tim’s profile HERE

RETURN SHIPPING will be handled through the United States Postal Service via Priority Mail. If you want your package insured you must make that selection on the form and designate the amount of insurance you wish to have on your package. IART is not responsible for lost or damaged packages. Insured packages that are lost or damaged will be subject to all United States Postal Service rules and regulations.

Prices vary depending on string selected and you will be sent a quote upon receipt of your completed form. If you provide your own string your labor fees for stringing are as follows:
1. Standard synthetic gut = $20 per frame
2. Polyester = $25 per frame
3. Natural Gut = $30 per frame

IART uses Square online invoicing. Please make sure the email you enter on the form is a valid email address and can be used for our billing procedure.

Tim Strawn
4710 Norwood St SW
Roanoke, Virginia

TAXES: Virginia residents are subject to Virginia State tax

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