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Here at IART we do not generate revenue from advertising. We are supported by the membership fees that people pay to have access to the web site and that’s the only source of revenue for this project.

However, we would like to point out that there are a few companies that support us in our endeavor to provide accurate information, especially when it comes to our reviews.


All racquets that are reviewed on the Alliance web site are tested on a Babolat RDC. That unit is provided to the Alliance web site and used extensively for all testing purposes

We have constant pull as well as lockout machines that we use for testing purposes at Alliance. The following are manufacturers that provide us with the stringing machines used for testing purposes

Logo Prince105x90PRINCE

Prince provides us with a Neos 1000 manual lockout stringing machine. The Neos 1000 has long been recognized as the industry standard among lockout machines, having morphed from the original Ektelon Model machines of the past like the D & H.


logo wilsonWilson provides us with a BAIARDO constant pull stringing machine. The BAIARDO is fast becoming the industry leader when it comes to tournament stringing machines. The ergonomics of this machine have proven to be a real asset to any stringing operation where technicians are stringing a tremendous amount of racquets on a daily basis. Ron Rocchi, designer of the BAIARDO, is also an Alliance consultant and a consistent participant in the annual IART training symposium.


logo AlphaAlpha Racquet Sports

Alpha offers Alliance members a 10% discount on all strings and grips. In addition, they also offer a 5% discount on Alpha stringing machines and diagnostic devices over $1,000. Alpha has a full line of great strings to address any player’s needs. Mark Gonzalez of Alpha is also one of the Alliance consultants and has been involved in the IART symposium since it’s beginning.


Ashaway Racquet Strings

Ashaway logoAshaway Racquet Strings is the oldest American manufacturer of racquet strings and has a proven track record for making superb products. Steve Crandall, VP of Ashaway, participates in the annual IART symposium as a round table speaker and is considered an expert in the field of string manufacture.





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