Are you new to the tennis business?

  If you've just joined us recently you'll find that there's a LOT of material here to read on a variety of topics. One of those topics is running a successful business.  If you have an interest in starting a retail tennis business there's a … [Continue reading]

YTEX Launches New Website!

Attention Stringers, YTEX has a fresh face look to their website and so much easier to navigate and place orders online. No more paperwork, simple log-in and place your order! If you had an account with YTEX or new to their … [Continue reading]

Tip – Understanding Polar Moment

From time to time you'll hear us talking about polar moment here on the IART site and here's what I'd like to know. How many of you actually know what it is, how to measure it and most of all, how to effectively use it to your advantage? That's a … [Continue reading]

Ashaway Introduces New MultiKill® 17 Polyurethane-Based Racquetball String

Developed in response to market demand, string is designed for power players to cut and spin the ball Ashaway, RI – Ashaway Racket Strings has introduced a new polyurethane (PU) based, multifilament nylon string for racquetball. Utilizing … [Continue reading]

Brittany Tagliareni…a Winner!

In all the years I have been involved in tennis racquets I have worked with players of all levels, from top-ranked to no ranking at all!  The one thing that remains constant is that every player received the same attention to a goal. Typically … [Continue reading]

Tip-stringing natural gut

Natural gut can be a bit of a challenge if you have little to no experience working with it but there are a few things you can do to help ease the anxiety of working with it. Preparation-clean your machine clamps - clamps can be cleaned with … [Continue reading]

The Wilson Team Room

The Wilson Team room is certainly a unique aspect of the companies commitment to tennis and to the best of my knowledge, I know of no other company that has created and implemented something to the scale that Wilson has done with this project. Yes, … [Continue reading]

Moisture & string storage conditions

  I was recently asked by a member about strings drying out and becoming brittle so I thought I'd defer to an expert on this, Mr Steve Crandall of Ashaway. Do strings dry out and become brittle? Read on to see what someone who's company … [Continue reading]

Ashaway Introduces ZyMax® 68 TX Badminton String with Textured Surface Coating

-- BETA polymer multifilament core increases dynamic stiffness and elasticity by 25% -- BETA polymer braided construction increases knot and shear strength by 25%  -- ZyWeaVe™ core technology prevents tension loss Ashaway, RI – Ashaway … [Continue reading]

Tip-preventing sharp tips on knot ends

Leaving a sharp tip after trimming a tie-off knot is not recommended because the last thing you want is to have a customer come back and complain about being cut or poked when they accidentally brush a finger across that knot tip. So how can you … [Continue reading]