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    Tim Strawn

    I recently received several Toalson strings for testing here at IART. Those will be added to the string characteristics data base as soon as the tests are complete.

    One of the nice things that caught my attention was the length of the first two string sets I installed which were Poly Grande Laser 1.30mm and Poly Grande ProFocus 1.25mm. The set packaging was stated to be 43 feet long. I decided to measure the ProFocus before installing it and it actually measured 44 feet long. After a closer look at the packaging of all sets received I found that 43 feet seems to be a standard length for Toalson sets. This is certainly refreshing to see because with most companies the exact opposite is true. Standard set length is typically 40 feet and they can often be shorter than that. That can be real problem unless you have the same string on a reel.

    I always use 2-piece stringing and with some racquets, when splitting the set, you’re lucky if you have enough string to install the mains without using a starting clamp as a bridge. Many years ago I got into the habit of not cutting sets in half and measuring from the entire length of string for the mains to avoid that problem. Obviously with the Toalson string sets being so long that problem is alleviated.

    For those of you who are not aware, Toalson is a string manufacturer, unlike many of the brands you may be familiar with. They’ve been making racquet strings for many years and they’re one of a handful of companies that brand string for major manufacturers (fill in the blanks here). Toalson is in the process of establishing a website with a USA presence and once that’s completed you can place orders directly through that website. I don’t have pricing information yet but will try to get that as soon as possible.

    Stay tuned…..much more to come on the Toalson strings

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