Wilson BAIARDO – U.S Open Stringing Room

Nice video here when the BAIARDO was first introduced. Comments from Wilson stringing team members including IART Executive Director Tim Strawn See video HERE 0

IART String Characteristics Database

A tour of the IART String Characteristics database.

IART Reviews Tour

A video introduction to the Reviews section of the IART website.

IART Website Tour

An overview of the IART website community and features.

Babolat Star III, Star 4 & RDC Service & Operation Video

This is a great video detailing much of the important information on the Babolat Star III, Star 4 & RDC machines. Everything from calibration to proper set-up is covered. 0

Main string measuring method

There are as many ways to measure main string length as there are racquets probably but I have placed a very short video of the one I prefer.  Myself and probably a zillion other racquet technicians use this method and it has never failed me. This method is particularly useful when taking string from a [see more]

Opening up new tie-off holes

Opening up the next to the last main when the mains end at the throat can not only improve the aesthetics of the string job, it can also prevent a lot of headaches with blocked holes. 0

JRSA Stringing Video

We want to thank the JRSA (Japanese Racquet Stringers Association) for their cooperation in making this video available to IART members. 0

2010 Speed Stringing Contest

In 2010 Prince sponsored the speed stringing contest at the annual IART symposium. The competition was introduced by Prince’s Steve Davis. This was the last time the symposium was held in Orlando as the following year, it was moved to Saddlebvrook Resort in Tampa, Florida. Here’s a complete video of the competition from start to [see more]

Starting method without using starting clamp

This is a nice little video done by John Gugel on a variation of the starting procedure for stringing a racquet. While many are using the “Yusuki Method” created by Toru Yusuki of Japan, the Yusuki method uses a starting clamp on the outside of the frame. This method simply shows another way of starting [see more]