Turn the Head Radical Pro into a Beast!

I am very happy to see players of every age returning to, or buying for the first time, racquets that have some weight!  Weight is your friend!  Any racquet can be “customized” to suit the needs of the player, of course. But what do you do if you already own a Head Radical Pro?  You simply add [see more]


Coaches, we need your help!  My strokes are beyond help so what I am talking about is communication between you, the coaches, us, the racquet technicians, and the player! Professional racquet technicians try hard to maximize the equipment the player presents us with.  In some cases, we will have input into which racquet the player uses but [see more]

Do a Thorough “Prespection”!

What do we mean by “Prespection”?  I mean a “Prespection” is an aggressive method of finding anything that can stand in your way of success! As racquet technicians, we are presented with many opportunities to help players and sometimes with those opportunities comes challenges!  We all do cursory inspections before stringing but before you start [see more]

Leaded or Non-Leaded?

This used to be a decision you made when putting gasoline in your car, but, not so much anymore.  It is, however, a decision you make when it comes to racquet performance. For this discussion “lead” means “weight”.  There are, of course, other types of weight. Racquet performance can be enhanced with the proper placement [see more]

Tolerance. What is it?

When we think of “tolerance” we think of traffic, noise, and generally putting up with things, but normally we don’t think of tennis racquets! However, we should!  Tolerance means “what is the allowable variation between racquets of the same model”.  Not all racquet manufacturers are the same but it would be a good guess the [see more]

Ereca Visits Florida!

Eric Ferrazzi of Ereca France has been in Florida for several days but not just for the sunshine! Eric is spending a lot of time working on diagnostic equipment designs. I have dozens of racquets that can be tested, re-tested, cut, and everything in between so a good sampling of data can be taken on [see more]

Worst Grip Size Reduction, Ever!

I know none of you would do this, but someone did and probably charged real money for it! Naturally, the client wants it fixed, but how, without spending another $100.00 or so. The first problem is that the butt cap was not removed before the reduction began.  You can see the pallet is no longer flat [see more]

Pro Stock Racquets. Really?

We devote a great deal of time to understanding racquets and what makes them ”tick”. Of course, it is fun and meaningful but sometimes not well understood. Hardly a week goes by that I don’t have a request for “Pro Stock” racquets of some sort. But what does that mean? To help sort out this [see more]

IART Resources

I want to compliment IART on being a wonderful resource of knowledge. I recently had a question regarding one of the training seminars I attended at the 2015 Symposium. Thanks to Tim helping me contact the seminar leader directly, my question was answered immediately. Plus I had a most enjoyable conversation about racquet customization beyond [see more]

What Difference Does it Make!

I was preparing some new racquets for extension today which normally goes without an issue and today was no exception but one racquet had a “shot” of silicone and the others did not. It is simply a procedure that manufactures use to  make the static balance the same on all the racquets of a particular [see more]