Is your Babolat RDC calibrated correctly?

I always try to post relevant content on equipment and equipment maintenance for the IART group. Back in 2013 I posted a step-by-step process for calibrating the Babolat RDC and that link appears below: Please keep in mind it’s not always about calibration as you’ll see in the notes that follow. To calibrate your [see more]

Something that would be REALLY helpful

Stop and think a minute. For as long as you’ve been servicing racquets, what’s the one thing that always seems to be the task you dread the most? Typically, our job, the actual labor part of it, consists of stringing racquets, installing replacement grips and perhaps we might finish with our player’s favorite overwrap. But, [see more]

Update on Wilson Burn repair

I’ve now strung the Wilson Burn frame and there’s an update on the original post HERE   0

Wilson Burn Repair

I recently received a new Wilson Burn Team frame and as I installed the last outside main string the grommet pulled through the graphite. I’ve seen this on other racquets that have come into my shop but I’ve never had it happen when I was stringing a racquet.  I decided to contact Wilson and see [see more]

Wilson Clash Tour

If you read the Wilson Clash 100 review there is not much to say about the Wilson Clash Tour in terms of graphics because it is exactly the same! So we can go directly to the differences between the two models. The Tour does have the “word” tour on the racquet but little else in [see more]

Justification for High Level Customization

One of the most frequent requests I received from prospective attendees of the IART symposium dealt with racquet customization. It seems that handle molding holds a certain aura about it that interests many in our profession but the truth of the matter is this. There are only a handful of private companies that do handle [see more]

Wilson RF97 Repair

I was recently contacted by IART member Randy Orebaugh and ask about repairing his customers Wilson RF97 frame. The frame was in very poor condition, needing a new B/G set due to excess wear on the sides plus, when the racquet was brought in the bottom part of the handle had snapped off. Parts of [see more]

Brittany Tagliareni…a Winner!

In all the years I have been involved in tennis racquets I have worked with players of all levels, from top-ranked to no ranking at all!  The one thing that remains constant is that every player received the same attention to a goal. Typically that goal is to win! As I reflect on the high [see more]