How “Stiff” is That String?

The String Characteristic Data on this site is the most comprehensive compilation of string data available that gives you a “power potential” value. But, what if you want to do it yourself for a quick indication of string stiffness, nothing else!  A few members have commented on this method and I want to modify the deflections a [see more]

Let There be Light!

Stringing black string in a racquet with black grommets can sometimes be a little problem, depending on the age of your eyes! My eyes are pretty good but sometimes they need a little help.  So, several months ago I installed these inexpensive battery powered “stick-on” lights on the Baiardo.   In case your lights go [see more]

Thank You Beer’s Technic!

A few weeks ago the World Headquarters of Racquet Quest, LLC was vandalized and, among other things, my Beer’s Master Tensometer was stolen!  I have no idea what a thief would do with it but is is gone nonetheless! I used my Master Tensometer, otherwise know as the ERT1000, for many,many years and found that [see more]

Unintended Consequences?

I love technology and I applaud those that bring it to the tennis players we serve. However, are there unintended consequences associated with some technologies? I say yes, there probably is. A case in point is the adaptation of the “sensor” technology by Babolat, Sony, Zepp, and soon to be others, that we need to [see more]