Federer widens the gap, rewrites history in the process

By Simon Cambers in Melbourne First he made history; now he’s rewritten it. And if the script writers in Hollywood have not started working on the film, they’re out of their minds. At the age of 35, four and a half years after his last Grand Slam victory and having missed the second half of [see more]

Answering the Bell

A familiar quote for all who participate and/or follow sports. Individual sports are so much different than team sports. It’s “mano e mano” with two competitors going head to head, and one standing taller than the other in the end. Stan Wawrinka’s improbable win over Rafa Nadal in the 2014 Australian Open reminds us all [see more]

Wilson Stringing – Australian Open 2014

Today is Friday, and it is affectionately known as the “calm before the storm”. We have strung over 1000 racquets thus far, which is less than half we will complete during the tournament. Last year 2013, we had a total of 3646 which is up from 3209 in 2012. The general expectation in the Stringer’s [see more]

Wilson Stringing – Australian Open 2014

When fans come to a tournament to see their favorite players in action, the crowds are usually quite large with long lines for food, bathrooms, and court viewing access. For the stringers at the Australian Open, we have a slightly different experience. Each morning when we enter the tournament grounds, there are only a few [see more]

Wilson Stringing – Australian Open 2014

This is not going to be a typical blog about tournament stringing, filled with only numbers and stats. Rather a more encompassing account of what is going on here in Melbourne, Australia. But before we get to that, I have to address something that has been evident to all who participate here on the IART [see more]

Australian Open stringing team hard at work

I recently received an email from Todd Mobley who is working with the team in Melbourne….. Hi Guys The weather here is a little unpredictable.  One day high’s in the 60’s the next day 100, today in the 80’s. The Qualifying Draw of the Australian Open has begun.  The biggest news thus far is American [see more]

Hard at work at the Australian Open

The Wilson team is now on site and hard at work preparing racquets for this year’s event. Below is a photo of Jim Downes stringing away. Jim is a member of the Alliance and was a recent speed stringing winner at the annual IART symposium in Florida.

2013 Australian Open Stringing Team

Greetings Alliance Members I’m starting to get some photos from the 2013 Australian Open Wilson stringing team and will post as they become available. This one is a group photo of the entire team. Many faces in there I recognize, some of which have attended the symposium in the past and are now on the [see more]

Stomach bug knocks Nadal from Australian Open

BARCELONA, Spain (AP) Just when Rafael Nadal had recovered from a knee injury, a stomach virus has delayed his return to tennis by a couple of months. Nadal announced Friday he will miss next month’s Australian Open and probably won’t play again until the end of February. The Spaniard said he needs time to recover from the [see more]

Wilson Stringing Team – Australian Open 2012

It is always a little bittersweet to be back in Australia after Christmas in the US, I boarded a plane on January 2nd for Melbourne. After a few days of setting up the stringing room, we are operational and stringing. The team for 2012 is; Jim Downes, Jarrad Magee, Tadashi Hosoya, Shane Mikic, Dickie Lee, Mathieu [see more]