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Update on Wilson Burn repair

I’ve now strung the Wilson Burn frame and there’s an update on the original post HERE  

Distributors come and go

As a small business I’m always faced with the dilema of procurring new sources for products, namely string. Many years ago when I first became involved in this business there were several companies who were more than happy to have clients like myself but as the landscape has changed, that’s not the case anymore. Large [see more]

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Looking for a job as a full or part-time stringer?

From time to time I receive direct inquiries from tournament directors or tennis specialty stores who are looking for stringers. Today I received one from Tennis Express in Houston, Texas so if you live in the area or would want to relocate to take advantage of this opportunity please contact me directly and I’ll put [see more]

Put this on your “To Do” list

Hi Everyone How many of you know that you have 3 member directories that you can take advantage of? It’s the 3rd item listed in the navigation menu at the top of the home page. Just scroll over the menu and select the one you’d like to add your name or business to. List your [see more]

Looking for B/G set

Does anyone have a B/G set for the original Prince Graphite 90 frame? If so please PM me.

Know your sources

I am constantly amazed at some of the information I find online these days which begs the question of just who you trust when it comes to the products you use for your clients. To that end, I’ve picked one source that I found when I did a generic google search to find what people [see more]

Staple Guns

One of the most frequent questions that come up in our profession is about staplers or staple guns used to secure a new replacement grip. Opinions seem to run the full spectrum. Some prefer manual while others swear by an electric. The purist, however, will stand by their choice of a good pneumatic stapler. Surprisingly, [see more]