The Rise of Arm Friendly Tennis Strings

The Rise of Arm Friendly Tennis Strings

Ashaway Introduces Rogue Duo® Hybrid String Sets for Badminton

Ashaway, RI – Ashaway Racket Strings has introduced Rogue Duo® Hybrid, its first hybrid string set for badminton. Rogue Duo Hybrid combines two Ashaway Beta Polymer strings specifically formulated for use in hybrid sets. The mains are made of RD68, a black 0.68 mm string, designed to provide a durable string bed. The crosses are [see more]

Ashaway Introduces Oblivion®, the First Hybrid String Set for Squash

Ashaway, RI – Adding to its long list of technical string innovations, Ashaway has introduced the first hybrid string set for Squash. Incorporating Ashaway’s PowerNick® 18 red for the mains and Powerfusion™ white for the cross strings, Oblivion® hybrid strings offer a high power, low shock combination for amateur and professional players seeking a lively [see more]

Ashaway Crossfire® Family of Tennis Strings Offers Range of Hybrid Stringing Options

Ashaway’s Crossfire hybrids target a variety of playing styles & levels

Ashaway MultiKill® 17 Cruises Through US Open Racquetball Stringing Competition

The clearest observable trend in stringing to emerge from this year’s US Open Racquetball Championships was higher tensions.

Ashaway Renews Sponsorship Deal with World No. 19 Daryl Selby, Signs Vikram Malhotra

Ashaway Racket Strings has announced it has renewed its long-standing sponsorship agreement with British veteran Daryl Selby

Ashaway Sponsors Four-Time British Champion Alison Waters

Ashaway, RI – Ashaway Racket Strings is pleased to announce that PSA World #11 Alison Waters has signed a sponsorship agreement with Ashaway Squash. No stranger to Ashaway, Alison has used SuperNick® XL string throughout her career and will now be using Ashaway’s PowerKill® 115ZX racket, strung at 28 Lbs. “We’ve obviously watched Alison’s career [see more]

Ashaway SuperKill® Family of Racquetball Strings — Still Popular After All These Years

— Range of gauge, nylon core designs, power, durability and feel, provide choices for all players Ashaway, RI – Despite the many changes in racquetball over the years, one thing has remained relatively constant. That is the continued popularity of nylon strings like Ashaway’s SuperKill® family. As new string materials like PEEK have been added, [see more]