Babolat Official Racket & Stringing Service for Davis Cup final in Madrid

Many who have attended the IART symposiums will remember Eric Ferrazi and Carin Meunier of ERECA.

Babolat announces “Play Pure Drive” Technology

Babolat recently announced the launch of the world’s first connected racquet, the Babolat Play Pure Drive, during the US Open.  You may not have seen the press release or the News & Notes feature that played throughout the US Open coverage on the Tennis Channel.   Babolat Play: Get Ready For a New Tennis Experience [see more]

Li Na makes Babolat Proud

Babolat is proud of Li Na’s inspiring performance during the Australian Open Final on Saturday!  0

Babolat RPM Dual…Part Deux

I have installed a few sets of the new Babolat RPM Dual string under controlled conditions and have some observations to pass along.  This string is two (2) material components, not just a “stripe” painted on.  So, the different materials make the un-coiled set react differently than a true mono-filament.  As you know I prefer [see more]

Nice Article about Andy Roddick

For all you Roddick fans here’s a nice read 0

Babolat Adds Jerome Pin as Managing U.S. Director

Babolat Adds Jerome Pin as Managing U.S. Director   Babolat has announced the addition of Jerome Pin, former Lacoste director for Latin America in Brazil and director for the Americas in Miami. Pin will oversee sales, marketing, logistics & supply, and administrative departments for the company. Eric Babolat, president and CEO of Babolat is making [see more]