Ereca Visits Florida!

Eric Ferrazzi of Ereca France has been in Florida for several days but not just for the sunshine! Eric is spending a lot of time working on diagnostic equipment designs. I have dozens of racquets that can be tested, re-tested, cut, and everything in between so a good sampling of data can be taken on [see more]

What Difference Does it Make!

I was preparing some new racquets for extension today which normally goes without an issue and today was no exception but one racquet had a “shot” of silicone and the others did not. It is simply a procedure that manufactures use to  make the static balance the same on all the racquets of a particular [see more]

ERECA Balance System

I have had a look at the new ERECA Balance System!  The new device has been made more accurate (!) and more fun to use! The new system retains the robust construction that makes it possible to take the  ERECA Balance System wherever you go and the system has increased the stability of racquet location [see more]

Viva la France!

Many of you know I have been in France for a few weeks and I intended to post something everyday! Well, you know that hasn’t worked out for several reasons one being that wi-fi is not as “available” as I thought, and, I had a real issue with my phone service in general. Eric and [see more]

Sponsor Spotlight 2014 IART Symposium – ERECA

The sponsors for the IART symposium are many and diverse and are what make the IART symposium so special. ERECA, based in Lyon, France is a collaboration between two young people with a passion for tennis. Eric Ferrazzi and Carine Meunier (thus the name ERE-CA). Eric has a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering and Design [see more]