A Tennis Legend Leaves Us

I was very saddened to hear the recent news of Vic Braden’s passing. He’s one of those figures in our sport that I started following many years ago and always enjoyed seeing what he was up to. He was a pioneer in many ways and brought new dimensions to the sport that we all love. [see more]

A day in the life…..

Not all of us get to play on the job like some technicians I know. Check out what a REAL racquet technician does during the course of a typical day at the office. Ron Rocchi of Wilson was hard at work today demolishing frames as just “another day at the office”. That must have been [see more]

Tennis Industry Loses Warren Bosworth

The Tennis Industry Loses a Pioneer in Warren Bosworth In July of 2010 our industry lost a true pioneer. Warren Bosworth, long recognized as a leading force in racquet racquet service, in particular, for his skills in customizing racquets, passed away in Boca Raton, Florida. Bosworth was stringing and customizing racquets for world class players [see more]