Wilson’s X2 Ergo Technology

I’v e not seen much talk about the new Wilson X2 Ergo technology and would like to get some feedback from members on what your customers have had to say about it.

Wilson Ultra PWS (retro)

It is not often one of these shows up for work,especially in this super condition! I am not going into a lot of detail but it is interesting to see the specs for this racquet and be able to compare them to the current version.  

Wilson Spin Effect

Wilson had a great presentation on their Spin Effect racquets at this year’s IART symposium. Here’s a great video on the technology

The New Federer Racquet

Many who have attended the IART symposium over the years have had the opportunity to spend some time with Wilson’s Ron Rocchi. Rocchi and Wilson have provided tremendous support for the symposium since it’s start in 2007 and they continue to play a key role in the development and progression of the event each year. [see more]

A day in the life…..

Not all of us get to play on the job like some technicians I know. Check out what a REAL racquet technician does during the course of a typical day at the office. Ron Rocchi of Wilson was hard at work today demolishing frames as just “another day at the office”. That must have been [see more]

Glassel joins Wilson

Former VP of marketing and branding at Prince, Linda Glassel now joins Wilson as their new global marketing director. She will lead the newly integrated consumer and grassroots marketing team. Wilson also announced that Cory Springer, the global business director for performance racquets will now assume the role of day-to-day management of recreational racquets as [see more]